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I love the “watermelon” fade, This 59 mono 355 lives in New Jersey now. Some oil should help with that, though, and its tone is superlative. It was bought within 150 miles of Kalamazoo. I don’t like the way Maestros look but they are pretty stable if you must have a whammy. Roll back some of the tone on the neck and it’s more soupy when overdriven, and woody jazz-precise in cleans. I've been collecting buying and selling ES 335/345/355 guitars for 20 years. Shine a light in there and see if you see white. The ES-335 is one of Gibson's most famous guitars. De todas formas debes tener en cuenta que Gibson, si no me equivoco, ya no fabrica la Dot, de ahí que las que quedan por ahí en el mercado aún lleven las pastillas 57 Classic que antaño llevaban todas las 335, mientras que las 335 actuales llevan Burstbuckers. Do I want to be playing this at high gain? I always like the personalized touches folks put on their guitars-it gives them context and some small amount of history. The ES-335 has a warmer tone which is more resonant. You will receive a verification email shortly. Played great too. The vagaries of the Gretsch tone and volume controls offer huge potential for frequency exploration. All rights reserved. With its very brand-appropriate V-shaped stoptail, Walnut Stain, and teardrop pickguard in tortoiseshell, the G2622 is stunning. Probably changed. I love your train shop and who knows maybe I can visit it one day. Gibson Es 355 varieties. This is the only 58 ES-355 I’ve owned. It’s really unlikely. As is the Gretsch. BluesZep . Those tone and volume pots look old-school. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Thanks for the kind words regarding my son’s story. You can check the bobbins by removing the pickups, turning them over and unscrewing the bobbin screws. He must have worn gloves while playing. Hi , one question, do you have information about the black Es 355 of keith Richards ? I think it’s the “newer” red but given the condition of the gold it may just have never seen the sun. It is tonally similar to the super-expensive vintage bone nuts, and more resonant than the cheaper plastic nuts that can dampen your tone. I had T6585-9 which was probably the 9th one made but not necessarily the 9th one shipped. He’s published a few now in various places. I’d like to apply your measurement criteria. It found me. I was also under the impression that the sideways was more of a ’61/’62 variation, but there it is on my ’63. Best for 335 die-hards: Epiphone Dot Deluxe, Best for jazz: Ibanez AS83 Artcore Expressionist, Best all-rounder: Gretsch G2622 Streamliner, Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. Start here for a closer look: The Ebony Black: This is an all-black model for the ES 355 and promises the same performance specs but with a decor change. They are a little thicker, with a bit more bass and less of that tight snap we’d expect from a Gretsch pickup. ... Gibson ES-335 Dot Neck & Fender Blues Junior Tweed. Another mono 59 ES-355. ALSO, I’m wondering if anyone knows the names and history of the phenomenal builders at Gibson Kalamazoo who shaped the necks on the 335’s, 345’s, 355’s, 350’s, Barney Kessels, L-5’s, Byrdland’s, Les Paul’s, SG’s, etc., from ’52 rheoufh ’64 ?? However, I’m wondering if you know how to confirm the serial number for that year of production. The Lucille: The This is one of only a handful of stop tail ES-355’s. This is what Vintage excels in. Les Paul are used for pretty much any genre of music, whereas ES-335 guitars are mainly used for blues and jazz. At really high volumes, with gain maxed out, ES-335-style guitars might feed back, but it’s not an issue here. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. Man, the ES-355 in red with the sideways trem a couple of photos up is a ringer for one I’ve got. Double D Guitars. Do you know of a website/database that would reference that number/year? What is this centre block I’ve been reading about? All the 58 355’s, I believe came out of rack T6585. Only one known. It’s a beautiful guitar. They do. Look at the gold on that beauty. I didn’t own it at the time, I just grabbed a photo of the internet so I would have one. The sideways, unless it is absolutely perfectly calibrated is useless. There are maybe 12 stop tail 355’s from 58-64. Eh, no. OK Guitars is located at 11 Railroad Street in Kent, CT. Open Friday through Sunday and by appointment during the week. First time on your site, it’s awesome! MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. These four semi-hollow electrics are no doubt inspired by, or at least share some of the character of the ES-335. Guías-Online. Not the huge neck but not the flat one either. The Dot Deluxe has a flame maple veneer body, as opposed to maple laminate, which adds a little bit of visual hot sauce to the ticket, but the electronics, scale, feel and tone are pretty much identical. © This guitar with the Gibson 57 classic pickups sound exactly like my Gibson ES-335, plus I now have coil split. I can't comment on the quality of one vs the other, but to me the Nashville 335's were/are great. Please refresh the page and try again. Chalk it up as an economic miracle if you will, but this whole Streamliner series from Gretsch is designed to deliver genuine Gretsch feel and tone at low prices. This is a Graph Tech NuBone nut, a synthetic alternative that’s related to Graph Tech’s TUSQ material. Jonathan Horsley The Gibson ES-335 Figured is the perfect blend of form and function. And it’s a 69, so it isn’t worth $100K (which it would be if it was a 59). For that reason, we only looked at humbucker-equipped semi-hollow guitars with dimensions and scale length approximating that of a current Gibson ES-335 that cost less than $1300 used or new. Some guy named BB King autographed it which must add at least $5000 to its value. Is the serial number A29538 or A29540? 59’s are great because they get that fade, although this one is still pretty vibrant, This is the first 355 I posted on the site. 4.899 ... Gibson 1959 ES-355 Reissue VN VOS. You have the finest guitars I have ever seen! Both are more vintage voiced than their hotter ceramic counterparts but the Alnico-V magnet in the Classic and Classic Plus packs a little more output than the PAF-style vintage pickups you might expect without overpowering the instrument. Sayonara, red. Have a great day. What sucks is that Gibson is not making the standard production versions at Nashville anymore, so a new 335 is more expensive to buy. Killer big neck 59 355 mono. Another 59 stop tail 355-this one a mono. The neck is comfortable, but perhaps owing to a slightly dry ebony fretboard or maybe frets needing dressed, it feels a little scratchy. this one is a mono, of course, and is headed for the personal collection of a well known collector and dealer. My name is Charlie Gelber. Encontrá Gibson Es 355 - Guitarras Eléctricas en Mercado Libre Argentina. If you’re just interested in the specs, then check out the table below to compare all the key features between the standard versions of the Gibson Les Paul and ES-335. (Total Guitar) 19 June 2019, Four semi-hollow beauts from Epiphone, Gretsch, Ibanez and Vintage. Good work, sssoul darling, have a lot of popcorn, LOL!) OK GUITARS My name is Charlie Gelber. Mono, of course. Had a headstock crack but still a great, great guitar. There’s a thread or two on the Les Paul Forum from the previous owner that gives a little history. If you want to email me, you can find me at [email protected] Probably an employee guitar, it never strayed far from home. No, that’s never happened to us, but it’s a nice thought, and besides, these feel very much old-school and consistent with a guitar that feels as though it was born too late. I sold one last year and recently  acquired another. Given I’ll keep this one until I Kark it, I’d probably fit them if I could find a supplier. do you have any idea which one it is? I would go by the Factory order number. This white one is a 65 and I had it a while ago. Stop tail was added. hi charley! Love seeing the photos of these amazing guitars! I got my first one in 1966 when I was 14 years old. This really appeals to some people. Here’s a nice example of a 59 ES-355. It was the first thinline archtop to hit the mass market, a jazz box on a diet, and players couldn’t get enough. Nice to see such a comprehensive collection of great guitars and amps. Gibson Les Paul Standard Vs ES-335 Let's first look at the benchmark Gibson Les Paul Standard and ES-335 (2015 models) side-by-side before moving on to the lower priced offerings. They only made 10 of them in 58. Maybe it was a custom order. The ES 345 is perhaps my favorite guitar of all time. His vintage-voiced humbuckers can be found in neck and bridge, and so too on the tidy tune-o-matic style bridge. Any 355 that isn’t red is pretty rare. There was a problem. Thanks Bill. The rocking Broad’Tron humbuckers are a happy surprise. One for each bobbin is sufficient (otherwise the guts fall out (magnet and spacer). The AS83 lacks the easy ride of its rivals but makes up for it with serious jazz tone and a finish that’s so classy you’ll be renting a tuxedo just to practise in your bedroom. Bonus points for the tortoiseshell pickguard. And this is the real deal. im interested in finding out which one it is. But if you don’t mind foregoing anything above the 19th fret, then the G2622 would be the one. Gibson ES Guitars The ES marks the beginning of Gibson's Electric guitar journey. This is a fairly early 60 so it still has the long guard and amber switch tip. I know of perhaps 4 345’s, 2 or 3 335’s and 3 355’s. Any suggestions? I know very little about new 335’s. So it’s little wonder that other manufacturers would take the ball and run with it. Give a Classic Rock subscriber a VSA500 and a 1962 Marshall Bluesbreaker combo and you might never see them again. I proudly have a 355 from 1959 and noticed your note on FON s. hence I looked at mine and it begins with T. So it may be a little later. Measure behind the fret (on the fingerboard). Factory Byrdland tailpiece, Super 400 inlays and bound f-holes. Call 203 858 0098 or email me at [email protected], If you want to comment, please use the comment form on the post or photo. Key features: maple top, back and sides, nyatoh and maple neck (set), 24.7" scale, 22 medium frets, ebony fingerboard, 2x Super 58 Humbuckers, 2x volume control, 2x tone, three-way pickup selector, ART-1 w/ Quik Change III tailpiece. Take a look in the other f-hole and see if you can find the FON. No holes in the top to give it away (although you can’t really hide those four at the bottom flanking the strap button . It’s a mono version and has a stop tail which I was told was original but I tend to think it isn’t. If you see a sunburst 62 ES-355 with bound f-holes and a sideways, it’s this one. What’s the difference between the Dot Deluxe and regular Dot? I don’t have my contacts in. This 65 had a full 1 11/16″ nut. There aren’t a lot of black early ES’s. Thanks, Rob. You should be proud, as I’m sure you are! What’s the catch? The FON prefix goes backwards -T for 58, S for 59, R for 60 and Q for 61 and then they were discontinued (the FONs not the guitars). But you’d be forgiven for the mistake. La gama de guitarras y ampli­fi­ca­dores disponibles nunca ha sido mayor de lo que es hoy, y son fácilmente accesibles una gran variedad de sonidos. Visit our corporate site. It’s also an excellent instrument, with quality hardware and electronics at an excellent price. This is the only known 63 stop tail ES-355 Mono (or stereo, for that matter). This one is a 60 and formerly owned by Charlie Wirz, one of the first vintage dealers in the country, hence the “CW” at the end of the fingerboard. Hi fm Portugal, First a big thank you for keeping this nice website and place for learning and discussion around this beauties. Bath If it was mono, I’d be beside myself but this’ll do. its quite a great sounding & playing guitar indeed. ’61 mono on the left and early 60 mono on the right. If it’s a real 59 stop tail mono, it’s one of only a few. They’re called Sure Grip III control knobs and are clear plastic with grooves so you don’t slip when adjusting them. As the reader, I was pulled into that world, which again is a feat for the writer of short fiction. Gibson 1961 ES-335 Reissue VB VOS. The Quik Change III tailpiece is so tidy; it’s an Ibanez design, manufactured by Gotoh, and it makes string changes a cinch. Just found a used Gibson Memphis 1963 Historic VOS in sunburst that is supposed to be a 50th anniversary model which would make it a 2013 production. I don’t use the term “holy grail” often but these are close. The list is long and distinguished. Well Gretsch entertains that option with its new Broad’Tron BT-2S humbuckers, which were introduced for the Streamliner series this year. It’s by no means clubby, but it does feel a little more substantial. The 335 is considered the classic of the ES series due to it's versatility and functionality without the clutter (visually and physically) of the 345 and 355. So Gretsch G5622T-CB tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Gibson ES-335 Studio 2015, as seen on the chart below. It was the first thinline archtop to hit the mass market, a jazz box on a diet, and players couldn’t get enough. The value Vintage presents and the quality of its instruments demand they should be taken seriously. Encuentra grandes ofertas de gibson es-335, comprando en eBay. Big fat neck 59 SVT ES-355. I’ve got a smart one too, a really good musician (a trained vocal wiz); in Chicago working on his math PhD after finishing up at Columbia. I've been collecting buying and selling ES 335/345/355 guitars for 20 years. You gotta love the 355s with the sideways. It identifies the quintessence of a classic guitar and builds something that provides a similar tone and feel without having to worry about Gibson or anyone else’s legal teams getting in touch. What’s this? Hello from Australia, Charlie I loved reading your website and drooling over your pictures. It’s a smart mod because nobody thinks you’re wrecking a great guitar. The ES-336 was the first fully carved semi-hollowbody guitar as well as a smaller instrument than the ES-335, with a body width of 13 inches and a length of 16, verses the ES-335’s 16 ½-inch width and 20-inch length. Long guard and all original. I have a ES355 fm 69 Stereo, with Maestro Vibrola equiped and thsi hardware is Silver also the Pickups covers. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the Best Model. Here’s a beautiful 60 mono with double white PAFs. We love the Steel Blue finish, the gold hardware and the classic custom-shop vibe of the acrylic block inlay on an ebony fretboard. Bill C. from an undisclosed location sent me this photo of his ’60 mono ES-355. Mostrar todas. The Memphis ones are supposed to be an upgrade, as in more expensive versions and obviously they cost more to buy. It’s a great guitar missing a couple of original bits but plays like a dream. Want a mono 59 355 with a factory stop tail? Ultra rare 1959 mono factory stop tail ES-355. Sonically, these two make an interesting comparison; both have vintage-voiced humbuckers and similar switching, tone and volume controls. I’ve owned four of the six. It also has black non reflector knobs-a great look. Just wondering if the year, the mono, the sideways = anything other than oddity vs collectability. I wish more had been made with deep chunky V’s. The ES-335’s centre block of wood made it semi-hollow and tamed the feedback. Key features: laminated maple body with spruce centre block, nato thin-U neck (set), 24.75" scale, 22 medium- jumbo frets, laurel fingerboard, 2x Broad’Tron humbuckers, 1x master volume control, 2x volume control, 1x tone, three-way pickup selector, nickel Adjusto-Matic bridge with V stoptail, Finish: Walnut Stain (as reviewed), Phantom Metallic, Single Barrel Stain. Encuentra grandes ofertas de gibson es 355, comprando en eBay. It’s gone so you’ll have to wait for the last one to turn up. Unless it’s really well set up and balanced, it makes a crappy trem but it has a lot of mass and makes a pretty good tailpiece.

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