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Cutting the cord is easy. Saw more metres and drive more screws – all with constant power. Written on 15.07.2014, 12:50 o’clock. One and the same 18V battery within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE is 100% compatible with all 18V appliances of the brands Bosch Home & Garden, GARDENA, Bosch Home Appliances, GLORIA House and Garden, Emmaljunga epowered by Bosch, Wagner and Rapid. Saw more metres and drive more screws – all with constant power. Protection against overheating through temperature monitoring. From the latest lithium-ion battery to a quick charger, Bosch's development know-how is present in every product. Bosch 18V Battery Replacement Details. © Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH 2020, all rights reserved. Importantly, the power tools allow it to operate in cold weather down to -4F. The Bosch lithium-ion batteries impress with their power, weight and low space requirement, are always ready to be used and can be fully or partially charged at any time. drilling diameter in concrete: 10 mm, * Manufacturer's non-binding recommended retail price incl. ×. Bosch 18 Volt 4.0Ah Power for ALL Battery Pack The Bosch high capacity 18V 4.0Ah Battery Pack is suitable with most Bosch Home & Garden tools in the Power for ALL 18 volt system. Welcome to Bosch Blue. All batteries are compatible with all Bosch Professional 18V tools since 2008. Close menu ; Select language Categories . Bosch Core18v 4 Amp-Hour Lithium Power Tool Battery. YOUR FLEXIBLE CHOICE. That's what makes Original Bosch Batteries outstanding: High quality batteries with long lifetime and electronic cell protection (ECP) to prevent overheating and overloading. Discover a variety of power tool batteries for sale at Battery Mart. Save money with every additional purchase by selecting the cheaper solo variant without a battery or charger. Also is compatible with all Bosch 18 V Lithium-Ion power tools, radios, and more. Since 2007, the battery has been 100% forward and backwards compatible with all green 18V Bosch tools. Are Lithium-Ion Batteries Interchangeable? The BC1880 provides a charging status indicator. Weight (including chain, bar and battery): 3,6 kg, Weight (including chain, bar and battery): 3,0 kg, Circular saw blade rated diameter: 150 mm, Max. 18V 6-Bay Lithium-Ion Fast Battery Charger The Bosch GAL18V6-80 6-Bay Fast Charger delivers convenience and speed when charging multiple Bosch 18V batteries. For more than 130 years, the name "Bosch" stands for future-oriented technology and groundbreaking innovations. System can be flexibly expanded with additional tools. And there is no loss of energy as the battery charge decreases, rather you have full power right to the end. Home. This sequential 6-bay charger is designed for pros who need to reduce downtime, improve organization, and always be power ready. All components are perfectly matched - so you can always count on full performance. Both the batteries and the tools. Durable and perfectly matched system components. One and the same 18V battery powers around 40 Bosch home, garden and household tools such as cordless screwdrivers, jigsaws, hedgetrimmers, lawnmowers, outdoor cleaners, garden pumps, household vacuum cleaners and many more. All 18V cordless tools. The GBA18 V40 single-layer battery features advancements in design to reduce … 4.6 out of 5 stars 187. The. The. Save money. Safe and Reliable:CE, FCC, RoHS Certified, no memory effect, no pollution, eco-Friendly battery, Low self-discharger, longer service life. Transforms battery current into motor current – intelligently, continuously and in real time. Chain: Chrome chain. We have seen plenty of people put a 12V battery in a 14.4 Volt drill, both of which are manufactured by Dewalt. *  Now it also works with 18V tools of many other brands as Gardena, Bosch Home Appliances, GLORIA House and Garden, Emmaljunga epowered by Bosch, Wagner and Rapid within the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. Maximum Bosch power. The right cordless drill battery helps you work longer. Cutting-edge cell design – engineered to improve performance in tools used on jobsite all day, plus CoolPack 2.0 heat management. Compatible with all Bosch 18 V SlimPack and FatPack Lithium-Ion batteries, this charger allows users of the Bosch Flexible Power System to use (with little downtime) a wide variety of powerful tools – drill drivers, impactors, reciprocating saws, circular saws, oscillating tools and more. THE 18V POWER FOR ALL BATTERY IS AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT SIZES AND CAPACITIES. Compatible since 2008: All of our batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools in the same voltage class. Protection against overloading through intelligent safety mechanisms. Only specially selected and tested Li-Ion cells are used for our POWER FOR ALL 18V batteries, which ensure a long battery life. Lithium-ion batteries are always ready for use. All models are interchangeable and have the same connection. Milwaukee is another battery that is trying to ensure its compatibility. Battery Type:Li-ion,Voltage:18V,Capacity:2500mAh,100% compatible with originals charger. Milwaukee Cordless Battery Interchangeable. *Bosch PSM 18 LI + Bosch ALB 18 LI only compatible with the battery type 1.5 Ah - 3.0 Ah. how to Fix Makita 18V Battery LiPo Not Charging Repair BL1830. This battery can be used in all the '18V Power4All' range of Bosch power tools and garden tools. Greater power (up to 43%) than the previous generation Bosch batteries; Longer runtime; Updated CoolPack technology for better heat transfer; Compatible with all Bosch 18V tools and chargers; Bosch CORE18V Battery Specifications. Jump starting the battery with a different charger. No memory effect, no self-discharging. The high-quality planetary gearbox combines efficiency and robustness with compactness and low weight. SPPED: Featuring fast recharge, this battery charges to 80% in only 41 minutes and 100% in only 55 minutes using the optional Bosch BC1880 18V fast charger. Easy to charge by itself or with the tool plugged into it, and in 1/2 hour you get 80% of charge and full charge in 1 hour. In 2003, Bosch launched the IXO, the first power tool with lithium-ion battery technology. Each battery cell goes through an automated test procedure to ensure the highest quality. Battery voltage: 18 V. Compatible battery voltage: 18 V. Weight (including chain, bar and battery): 3,0 kg. If the battery load is too high, the tool automatically cuts off the power supply. Now you can buy once and save money in the long-term: The "POWER FOR ALL" cordless system is simple to use with all Bosch tools in the relevant voltage class. Compare (2) GBA12V60. Select to compare. So, in this case they are interchangeable. Select to compare. Thus we´re offering do-it-yourselfers and hobby gardeners innovative solutions for DIY, home and garden since 1969. YOUR MAXIMUM FREEDOM. And the battery charger AL 860 CV is compatible for 14.4V and 18V, so easy. If the battery is the power tool's fuel tank, then the value of the ampere-hour (Ah) is equal to the storage capacity of the battery or "fuel". One of the lightest batteries in the market. With a capacity of 11l / min, it thus manages 330l (GardenPump 18; for comparison: an average tank capacity is 250l), -mow up to 200m² of lawn (CityMower 18; for comparison: a tennis court has the size of 200m²), -up to 52 cuts (AdvancedGrind 18; Ø 12mm steel), -up to 40 minutes of vacuuming (Unlimited), -up to 82 cuts (AdvancedGrind 18; Ø 12mm steel). Product details. The ampere-hour (Ah) determines the size and capacity of the batteries. The high-performance motor transforms electric power efficiently into mechanical force – with minimal loss power and long lifetime. System compatibility battery features compatibility with all Bosch 18V Lithium-ion tools and chargers; Charger cooling fan helps to protect batteries from overheating while charging; Battery-charge indicator status indicator lights on charger provide charging status; What's in The Box. battery yields more power, better heat management and 18V tool and charger compatibility. With only one battery you have a variety of powerful tools for many use cases in and around the entire home. This is expensive, annoying and not sustainable. Battery tools with lithium-ion batteries convince through compact design and low weight. By doing so we set a whole new battery standard. Thank you. Greatest variety of applications in and around the entire home. The Professional 18V System is the leading battery system for tradespeople. The high density batteries provide maximum runtime and is ideal for large and demanding projects like grinding and sanding applications. This happens often, depending on what you have on hand, and usually it will work. Ready wherever you need it. Choosing a cordless battery platform, however can be much more difficult. VAT, © Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH 2020, all rights reserved. Save space. Since 2007, the battery has been 100% forward and backwards compatible with all green 18V Bosch tools. It offers complete compatibility with any battery in the Bosch® 18V Lithium-Ion system. High-Power cells ensure longer runtimes without increasing the weight of the batteries. 18V POWER FOR ALL Batterysystem. An 18v battery in an 18v drill and so on. CORE18V delivers advanced cell technology with the most innovative battery design on the market. Bosch associate. You can view the battery and charger as the link below: Bosch Battery. Product details. The two lines are however completely compatible with each other. Pioneer for Li-Ion batteries in the power tool sector. Bosch Battery Compatibility 10.8 Volt to 12 Volt Chart . Bosch CORE18V Battery Features. 18V-System accessories. Take advantage of Bosch's battery compatibility across a multitude of high-performing tools of the same voltage class. The battery is always ready for use and can be fully or partially recharged at any time. With over 20 million Bosch 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries in the market, we are consistently driving the expansion of cordless freedom in the area of DIY, home and garden. Hi, I think the Bosch Battery and Charger had standardise to 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V and 36V. A separate battery and charger for each tool? Color: Black, Red Dimensions: 132.00 x 86.60 x 111.90mm This is a brand new replacement battery for Bosch's 2607335717 battery (see compatible model list below).This Bosch 18V Battery Replacement is an Extended Life battery packed with 25% more power than the original. 3.9 out of 5 … Thanks to the exchangeable battery, the running time is extended with just one movement. Now also compatible with tools of other expert brands. Together they form a perfectly adjusted powertrain: Delivers electric current (amperes) and voltage (V) for power and speed. It translates the mechanical force into optimum torque. CORE18V delivers advanced cell technology with the most innovative battery design on the market. 18V CORE18V Lithium-Ion 8.0 Ah Performance Battery; 18V Charger Protect the environment. [Battery compatibility help] What other brands I can use with Stanley Fatmax 18V batteries? 1.5Ah is the more powerful of the 2 variants, I think the other is a 1.3Ah cell. Voltage: 18V; Lithium-Ion Cells: 20700 (6.3 Ah), 21700 (4.0 Ah and 8.0 Ah) Amp-hours: 4.0, 6.3, or 8.0 Hey, so I have a Stanley Fatmax jigsaw which I like a lot and it came with 2x4A 18V li-ion batteries (FMC688L) and I'm wondering what other brands I could use these battiers with? As a pioneer in battery technology we´re aiming to improve the quality of people´s lives. The larger the tank, the more cuts can be made or holes can be drilled until the battery needs to be recharged. The Syneon Chip gets the most out of your battery. It provides an outstanding 1,900 lumens, which will effectively illuminate a large workspace. 18V Lithium-Ion Battery Charger. Choose between solo tools, batteries and chargers to expand your system the way you want and get the best battery … -up to 550 m edging (UniversalGrassCut 18), -pump up to 30min. Home ; Search; Shopping cart 0 £0.00 * Home YOUseries; IXO; Gluey; 18V POWER FOR ALL; Shopping cart 0 £0.00 ... 18V POWER FOR ALL Batterysystem. Bosch 18V rechargeable battery tools use only precisely selected high-quality individual components. Battery production takes place exclusively in Bosch's own factories, using highly efficient processes which meet the strictest quality and safety standards. Find the right type for your application. Compare (2) GBA18V40. The Bosch 18V POWER FOR ALL battery system. battery yields more power, better heat management and 18V tool and charger compatibility. To prevent the battery from overheating under the heaviest load, the electronics intervene if necessary and lock the tool. Coolpack 2.0 Delivers Better Heat Management To Protect Cells From Damage For Longer Battery Life. In the POWER FOR ALL 18V system, a single battery works for all tools. 18V CORE18V Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah Compact Battery. The 18V LXT® 5.0Ah battery is compatible only with Star Protection tools, indicated by the Star Symbol™ and/or Yellow Battery Receiver under the tool. So, even though an 18v B&D cordless drill might be able to run okay with a 20v battery, the batter ies and drills are made so only specific batteries will slide into place on them. * Now it also works with 18V tools of many other brands as Gardena, Bosch Home Appliances, GLORIA House and Garden, Emmaljunga epowered by Bosch, Wagner and … Compatible With Bosch BAT609 BAT622 BAT620 BAT609G BAT618 BAT618G BAT619 BAT619G BAT610G. It couldn't be simpler or more flexible. 2-Pack Bosch 18V Battery Replacement - Compatible with Bosch BAT181, 13618, BAT026, 33618, 52318, 23618, BAT025, 35618, 32618, 2607335688, 3860K, 3453, BAT180, PSB 18 VE 2, 22618, 1662, 15618, 1644, 1644-24, GDS 18 V, BAT189, BAT160 (1300mAh, NICD) by Upstart Battery. Here you'll find the perfect replacement power tool battery for a great price, including brands like Black & Decker, DeWalt, Craftsman, and more. The Bosch® CORE18V 6.3 Ah Battery is the best-built battery on the planet and is the core of an end-to-end product system that offers superior performance than previous generations - greater power, more runtime and backward and forward compatibility across the full Bosch® 18V cordless lineup in a …

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