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That is the case with the Benton’s Fudge Mint Cookies, which were a dead ringer for Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Showing up to buy your favorite cookies or chips only to find out they're gone forever... that heartbreak is real. Winternacht Spekulatius Cookies. The decision by Aldi was surprising, especially because of the recent explosion in popularity of meatless burgers. Aldi is constantly introducing new products, while also giving the boot to other products for various reasons. The post points out that Aldi carries other Girl Scout cookie knockoffs that are just as good, including Benton's Peanut Butter Cookies that can stand in for Girl Scout Tagalongs and Benton's Caramel Coconut Cookies which taste just like Girl Scout Samoas. These little guys snuck up on me by surprise, showing up at Aldi out of nowhere one day. One Facebook user proclaimed, "Your 'Clancy's Kettle Chips' in 'Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper' are the best chips EVER! Daily Goals. Thanks Aldi. Sodium 2,225g. 12 ct. Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies. Crush some of those Fudge Mint Cookies up and mix them into some chocolate almond ice cream. This ice cream is SO rich and creamy, you won’t believe it’s vegan. I think Aldi’s Peanut Butter Filled, Fudge Mint & Fudge-Striped are comparable, if not *better!! Plus, many ring in at less than $10. Check out her latest work Specially Selected LOTS OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS. From cookies to chocolate covered fruit to brownies and everything in between, check out these sweet treat recipes. The bad news is Fudge Mint is only around part of the year, but the good news is that’s right now. For all those cookie craving moments in between, you’ll find us at Aldi. 8.5 oz. But January is a long time away, and those freezer stockpiles only last so long. This beer was one of the best beers to buy from Aldi, but unfortunately, according to a fan on Reddit, it was apparently discontinued sometime in 2019. If it's any consolation, Aldi still carries meatless meatballs from the same brand that at least one reviewer on YouTube gave a nine out of ten for taste. Calorie Goal 1,850 cal. Fans of Aldi know the grocery store is always good for scoring a major deal — and those low prices make putting up with Aldi's little eccentricities completely worth it. Classic flavour combo Crisp vanilla shortbread cookie covered in a rich, chocolaty fudge mint coating. So if you see some still at your store, … According to some salty snack fanatics on Reddit, these kettle chips seem to have started to disappear sometime around 2018, although two commenters, from Wisconsin and Ohio, claimed they could still find them at their local stores. Aldi Price: $1.99. These peanut butter-filled, chocolate-covered cookies are another great option for those with a sweet tooth. These Benton boxes of Girl Scout-inspired goodness offer a sweet splurge that’s easy on the wallet. One reviewer described it as having notes of tangerine, melon, and pine, with a sweet, toasty malt flavor that made it easy to drink. Benton’s Fudge Mint Cookies. Ok here it goes… ALDI’S cost $1.39 for 18 cookies. These knockoffs have over 100 five star reviews on the retail giant's website, so they might just be a good enough substitute for the Aldi version. Best Express Aussie Bites. In the meantime, we’ll happily support Girl Scout troops and buy the real deal once the next Girl Scout cookie season begins. 21.16 oz. So, it seems Aldi is just looking out for our best interest and trying to keep things fresh and interesting. They are advertised as an excellent source of fiber. Sadly, these meatless burgers seem to be gone for good. These cookies are as good or better than the major brands. Aldi Reviewer touted the fudge mint cookies as "a dead ringer" for Girl Scout Thin Mints and noted they disappeared from shelves "as of late 2019 to early 2020." We’ve been pushing our shopping carts past one of Aldi’s best kept secrets: copycat Girl Scout cookies! While all the flavors were delectable, there was just something so amazing about the chocolate chip variety. When the craving strikes for fudgy coconut, and only a Samoa will do, Aldi has you covered. It's cold outside, but the ALDI savings are heating up! Plus, there's wine! Best of all, these cookies are easy and fun to … Thin Mint cookie fans everywhere rejoiced when Aldi introduced Benton’s Fudge Mint Cookies (a copycat version of the famous Girl Scout cookie). Somebody add that. We reached out to Aldi and learned they have been discontinued. The blend of chocolate and mint is a big hit at our house. Fat 60g. While proceeds for the Girl Scout cookies go to pay for the organization's leadership programs, the website said it was hard to pass up similar cookies that are selling for $1.39 and $1.45 … Her writing has appeared in Reader's Digest, the Huffington Post, Southern Living, and many other regional publications, focusing on everything from health and wellness to parenting, family, and women's interests. View Entire Discussion (2 Comments) More posts from the aldi community. They are the perfect mix between the very frail regular chips and national brands kettle chips that seem so much harder! Enjoy it with your favoutire tea or coffee for afternoon snack Under the brand name Benton’s, shoppers can find three of the best Girl Scout cookie-inspired flavors—Thin Mints, Tagalongs and Samoas. What’s better is they’ll only cost you $1.43 per box! Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. ... Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cookie Dough Amount see price in store * Quantity 16 oz. Aldi does indeed have other meatless burger options from the Earth Grown Organic line, like veggie burgers and black bean burgers. Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies. My last trip down the entry aisle at Aldi revealed that this great store carried fudge mint cookies. Girl Scouts: $4 for 15 cookies. good for dunking ONE THIRD THE PRICE FOR GREAT QUALITY!!! When this glorious substitute for the seasonal classic was discontinued, well... we're still not over it. Shop similar items at ALDI. THANK YOU BENTON'S. But the Earth Grown Organic Plant-Based Meatless Burger from Aldi was something special. That’s what dreams are made of my friends. Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate and Chocolate Bars available at your local Aldi store. Benton's Fudge Mint Cookies (Aldi) Ever wanted Thin Mint cookies, without the hassle of actually supporting anything? Thin Mint, also known as the most beloved Girl Scout cookie in America, Inspired by Trefoils and Shortbread Cookies, Inspired by Tagalongs and Peanut Butter Patties, Inspired by Do-Si-Dos and Peanut Butter Sandwiches, How to Make the Best Rugelach Cookies for the Holidays, Costco Is Selling a 12-Pack of Color-Changing Hot Cups That Will Brighten Your Day, Costco Is Selling a GIANT Cookie Tray We’re Definitely Not Leaving Out for Santa, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Oh ALDI, we love you so ️. When this item left the shelves, one Facebook fan commented, "Does anyone know what happened to these? As of late 2019 to early 2020, Aldi no longer sells the Fudge Mint Cookies. Sometimes products disappear for reasons that aren’t clear. Then there’s Fudge Mint, Aldi’s take on the classic Thin Mint, also known as the most beloved Girl Scout cookie in America. They have to be made by the same manufacturer, they’re identical! While it's no $6.99 four-pack of Hop Lift IPA, it's still a nice way to kick back and relax.

If you're still in the market for counterfeit Thin Mints, Walmart sells Great Value Fudge Mint Cookies that are really inexpensive. 882. package. After sharing our favorite ways to save BIG at ALDI, our smart, deal savvy Hip2Save community stepped up in full force to suggest their top ALDI products.Buckle up and grab your wallet as we’re sharing some of the best things you must buy at this popular store. Not stated here is also Vanilla, Wild Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Strawberry Milkshake. When this glorious substitute for the seasonal classic was discontinued… Popular Aldi Items That Completely Vanished, our favorite Aldi items suddenly disappear. But before we accept this fact of life, let's take a moment to lament the loss of some of Aldi's most popular items that have completely vanished. Not only were Benton's Chocolate Chip Homestyle Cookies discontinued, so was the entire line of "homestyle" cookies under the Benton brand.The other flavor options included Benton's Oatmeal Raisin Homestyle Cookies and Benton's Peanut Butter Homestyle Cookies. Benton's Fudge Stripe Shortbread Cookies. 54 %20 gCarbs. Quality products and unbeatable prices from the Grocer of the Year 2013 Award winner. It’s all chocolaty, crunchy goodness! Here in NY we definitely have canned mushrooms, but the Benton's soft baked cookies were discontinued a few months ago. How does this food fit into your daily goals? In a world that is now pretty well saturated with meatless burger options, you may think the loss of one such product would be no big deal. We’re also big fans of these Dipped Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies, perfect for whipping up when the day is long and a grocery run isn’t happening. Betty Crocker ... Torino Cookies Double Chocolate or Mint Amount see price in store * Quantity 7-7.5 oz. 32 cookies per package. Thin Mint cookie fans everywhere rejoiced when Aldi introduced Benton's Fudge Mint Cookies (a copycat version of the famous Girl Scout cookie). When I discovered Aldi's I made the great discovery of BENTON'S blue package chocolate chip cookies. Of course, they're a limited time Aldi Find, so don't get too attached. Benton's Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies. This one cuts deep, y'all. Of course, you can also just wait until Girl Scout cookie sales roll around, but if that feels like too much self-deprivation, Walmart sells Great Value brand Fudge Mint Cookies for only $.98 per 10 oz. Get yours before they’re all gone. Our patience gets tested, though, when our favorite Aldi items suddenly disappear. Log Food. I only had them twice but they were probably the best vegan burgers I've had from Aldi.". You can snag a 10-ounce package of 52 Fudge Mint cookies right now … My aldi doesn’t carry leeks either. Also, you won’t believe the unbeatable price. Ok, let’s just get decadent for a second. But these minor inconveniences are no big deal when we're saving so much money and still getting quality groceries. It states that Aldi Finds and certain items from regular store stock are only intended to be available for a limited time, and they have to sell through them quickly in order to make room for new "exciting deals." 10 oz. Luckily, Aldi still has a nice supply of ales, lagers, and IPAs to suit your fancy. Aldi Reviewer touted the fudge mint cookies as "a dead ringer" for Girl Scout Thin Mints and noted they disappeared from shelves "as of late 2019 to early 2020." Choose from either milk-chocolate fudge or dark-chocolate fudge. This is Aldi’s take on the classic chocolate-and-mint combination known as Thin Mints. Yes, Fudge Mint Cookies are as good as Thin Mints, and it's true, Caramel Coconut Cookies are as ooey-gooey-delectable as Samoas. 3 %1 gProtein. Road trip, anyone? We offer a variety of ice cream, sherbet and frozen snacks The post points out that Aldi carries other Girl Scout cookie knockoffs that are just as good, including Benton's Peanut Butter Cookies that can stand in for Girl Scout Tagalongs and Benton's Caramel Coconut Cookies which … Benton's Fudge Mint Cookies from Aldi are a goner. The Peanut Butter Cookies and the Caramel Coconut Cookies are still on store shelves. On a recent trip to Aldi , my world was rocked when I noticed an entire row of cookies … Contest-Winning Chocolate Mint Cookies My dad sandwiches mint patties between two tender chocolate cookies to create these chewy treats. The grocer’s Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies hit on all the sweet, coconutty and chewy notes of this Girl Scout cookie classic. See: Girl Scout cookie ice cream, cereal, coffee, and yogurt. EDITOR’S NOTE: As of January of 2020, we noticed the Benton’s Fudge Mint Cookies were not in our local Aldi stores. Our lineup of quality items and delicious winter foods are now in-store. Aldi used to carry a Hop Lift IPA made by Third Street Brewhouse in Minnesota that was so tasty, it scored an 84 rating on Beer Advocate for its refreshing, smooth drinkability.

While not as affordable as Clancy's Traditional Party Mix, the consolation is that it's cheaper at Aldi than it is at other grocery stores. Benton's Fudge Mint Cookies. Then there’s Fudge Mint, Aldi’s take on the classic Thin Mint, also known as the most beloved Girl Scout cookie in America. Walden also provides freelance writing to corporate clients in finance, government, healthcare, and higher education. Just go ahead and add cookies to the things you should buy at Aldi. 7 / 67g left. If you are looking for a Girl Scout cookie fix, Aldi stores are selling knock-off Thin Mints, Samoas and other similar cookies year-round, the lifestyles website Delish wrote Wednesday. Peanut Butter Fudge… Not only was the flavor a perfect combination of two very simple seasonings that somehow transformed in the presence of a crispy chip, but the texture of these kettle chips was unbeatable. You know what we mean: you have to remember to bring a quarter if you want a shopping cart at Aldi, and you can't show up too late, because Aldi is off the clock by 9 p.m. Peanut butter lovers scouting out the cookie aisle will want to grab a box (or four) of Benton’s Peanut Butter Filled Cookies for just $1.48. LOVE them!" If you love Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies, you would have automatically loved Benton's Fudge Mint Cookies. Some say, Blue Bell has been making the best ice cream in the country for more than 100 years. If you’re like us, “I’ll just eat two” turns out to be an impossible feat, and we’re left holding an empty sleeve in record time. No word yet on whether Aldi plans to copycat the newest Girl Scout cookie flavor, though. 150 / 2,000 cal left. 43 %7 gFat. ALDI vs Walmart: Conventional Dairy Prices as of 5/10/19 Item ALDI price Walmart price Almond milk, 64 oz original Friendly Farms, $2.29 Great Value, $2.57 Butter quarters, 16 oz Friendly Farms, $3.14 Great Value, $3.24 Cheese, 8 oz block cheddar Friendly Farms, $1.99 Great Value, $2.22 Cheese, 8 oz sliced cheddar Friendly Farms, $1.99 Great Value, $2.22 The bad news is Fudge Mint is only around part of the year, but the good news is that’s right now. It's really, really good and worth hunting down at your local Aldi. Or so we thought. (You might also know ’em as Caramel deLites.) ALDI has tons of cookie and bar recipes to choose from, including seasonal and year-round favorites. Aldi has at least tried to placate Clancy's Kettle Chip lovers by introducing other unique flavors, although they may be better suited for more adventurous pallets. Benton's P.B. According to a July 2020 YouTube video, Aldi now offers a Cuban Sandwich flavor and a Nashville Hot Chicken flavor of kettle chips from Clancy's for $1.89 per bag. I stopped buying cookies at ordinary supermarkets because of the ridiculous prices. Rebecca C. Walden is a freelance writer with Deep South roots - an Alabama native now living in north Texas. These are a satisfying take on the addictive Girl Scout cookies known as Tagalongs (or Peanut Butter Patties, depending on where you’re from), and are every bit as creamy and rich as the real deal. Benton’s Fudge Striped Shortbread Cookies Whoa. Almost all aldi - soy sauce and Gochujang from another store due to gluten allergy. If it's no longer Girl Scout Cookie season, you can still get your fix at the grocery store with Keebler Grasshoppers and Coconut Dreams, Nutter Butters, Nice! Aldi does a pretty good job of offering their brand of knock offs of most popular style cookies and the girl scouts thin mint cookies are no exception. 10 oz. Reader's Digest reports Aldi has a wine list consisting of bottles that have "won awards from Wine Spectator, The American Masters of Taste Awards, and the International Wine and Spirit Competition." 13 oz. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. The Cookie Mom inside is reminding me that the extra money goes to help further the girl’s scouting adventures and activities. * than GSC/Keebler’s versions & obviously, the price can’t be beat. It’s all chocolaty, crunchy goodness! If you’re like us, “I’ll just eat two” turns out to be an impossible feat, and we’re left holding an empty sleeve in record time. Or so we thought. And so do our readers! Related Products. Because I don’t want to be blamed if you develop a peanut butter cookie addiction. According to the Aldi Reviewer blog, the Fudge Mint Cookies stopped being sold between late 2019 and early 2020 at their store. The articles and media in this category are discontinued Pop Tarts, Go Tarts, Pastry Swirls, Snak-Stix, and Pop Tarts Crunch flavors. Aldi's website offers a perfectly good explanation, of course. Deluxe cookies come in milk fudge and dark fudge. Serving Size : 4 Cookies (29 G) 150 Cal. But the plant-based meatless burger boasted 12 grams of protein per serving, and as one commenter on A Billion Veg noted, they were "so close to actual meat consistency" they could likely please carnivores and vegetarians, alike. Buy Benton's Fudge Mint Cookies (10 oz) online and have it delivered to your door in as fast as 1 hour. You can snag a 10-ounce package of 52 Fudge Mint cookies right now for $1.48. Benton's (Aldi) Benton's (Aldi) - Fudge Mint Cookies. The chain also offers an array of other staples perfect for vegans on a budget: cereals, grains, beans, canned and frozen veggies, dried and frozen fruit, pasta, tomato sauce, various condiments, and nuts. - You add it, lazy jerk. It's not known why Aldi would cancel the imitation of one of the most popular Girl Scouts cookies (Thin Mints), but Aldi Reviewer was able to confirm with Aldi that the chain has indeed discontinued Fudge Mint Cookies. Once upon a time, Aldi stocked bags of possibly the best potato chip on earth — Clancy's Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettle Chips.

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